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These days having long, thick hair is one of the most - if not THE most - coveted trend in beauty and fashion. Girls will do just about anything to achieve that 'hair for days' look, one of the most popular ways being extensions.

However wouldn't it be great to be able to achieve thick, shiny, super-long locks naturally?

When it comes to hair, nutrition plays a huge role in how strong and long your hair can grow and if its not getting the proper nutrients hair growth often comes to a halt. I know quite a few girls who say that their hair just refuses to grow past a certain length. Obviously genetics also play a huge role in the makeup of our hair but we can help it along with certain practices. Eating healthy, getting enough protein and healthy fats, as well as not over-processing your hair, always using a heat protectant, and ensuring that our hair stays hydrated are all important factors to keep in mind. Besides these essential tips there is still another way to help your hair achieve its natural glory; biotin.

Also known as B7, it's part of the vitamin B-Complex, a group of key nutrients needed for healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions. *Read more about the some of the amazing benefits of Biotin here. But let's be honest, all you really want to know is that it plays a major role in maintaining the health of your hair.

I have been a big believer in biotin ever since I started taking it. Although I have never had a problem growing my hair long, I noticed a significant change in the rate of my hair growth after taking biotin for a couple months. I have also seen it work for those who claim that their hair 'stops growing past a certain point.' It really is an amazing supplement that every girl should take if they want to give their hair a boost. (*of course always be sure to consult with a doctor or pharmacist prior to use of any new supplement)

When I recently ran out of my latest bottle of biotin-gummies, I decided to do a bit of research and take a look at some of the latest B7 supplements on the market. I stumbled across Hairtamin and after reading the nutritional information as well as the fact that it boasts double the amount of biotin when compared with other leading supplements, I just had to try it for myself. I reached out to Hairtamin and they sent me a complimentary 3 month supply.

Needless to say I am super excited to start my #HAIRtamin journey and share my experience with all of you! So be sure to #staytuned

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