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JUNE 16TH 2017


Fashion Nova


Callander ON, CANADA.

Swapping out a backdrop of trees for some graffiti, I'm shaking things up this week with a more urban, edgy location than my usual natural 'beauty spots.' This look was shot underneath an overpass bridge located in a forest, so while we were still surrounded by nature it was a lot of fun to experiment with a much different 'vibe' than usual. 


This week I'm also super excited to share my favourite online store with you!

I discovered this brand on Instagram last year while shopping for a pair of high-waisted jeans. I don't know about y'all but finding a pair of jeans that fit me properly is a literal nightmare. I prefer the high-waisted look because they make my legs look longer #shortgirlproblems 

That being said for a petite girl I've got a bit of a booty and when paired with a small waist and short legs, finding jeans that fit me just right has been virtually impossible

- until now.

My shopping miracle: Fashion Nova.

I went out on a limb and purchased my first pair of jeans earlier this year and haven't looked back. FINALLY a place I can order from where the bottoms don't leave a 2 inch gap of extra fabric around my waistline. I never thought I would be able to consistently order pants that fit my butt and my waist, so you can imagine how enthusiastic and excited I am to share my secret with you!

Another great aspect about Fashion Nova that I absolutely love is that they offer clothing for ALL shapes and sizes! so their amazing styles are available to everyone! Bonus!

In addition, for those of us who live in Canada, Fashion Nova offers fast and inexpensive shipping over the border (duties waved), which is another reason I love to shop their site.

In April I did a huge Fashion Nova haul so over the next few months I'll be sharing a lot of other outfits with you!

If you have any questions about sizing or any other aspect of buying from them leave your comments/questions below and I'll be sure to answer! 

Now let's talk about this fantastic #athleisure set! Every time I wear this set I get a ton of complements on it. Its shiny rose-gold fabric make it a definite show-stopper and when I first saw it on the Fashion Nova website I just had to have it - y'all know how obsessed I am with rose-gold...

One of the great things about this set is that it's very versatile. Here I've paired it with heels but it also looks great with a simple pair of sneakers. It's also extremely comfortable and with an adjustable drawstring waist and pockets the vibes are 'off-the-charts chill.'

Because the track set is so shiny and glam - clearly the focal point of the outfit - I chose to pair it with light beige accessories and gold accents.

I finally purchased a second Givenchy inspired handbag from Fashion Drug (this time in beige, so my black version is getting a well-deserved break). I love how it complements the outfit, providing structure and geometry to the look in a simple and understated way.

Photo credit: Nancy Sharma @modelinphotography

While the bag is a bit of a splurge it is well worth the $$ for the use I get out of it. Still, to keep the total cost of this look down, I picked up the sandals at my fave local thrift store for just eight dollars! They'd never been worn with zero wear and tear or scuff marks on the bottom of the shoe and they go with everything! A fantastic find and a really great basic wardrobe staple. If you don't have a nude pair of shoes in your closet you need some asap...haha.


Seriously though. 

Well I hope you like this outfit! I've linked all the items below in case you REALLY like what you see. The track set also comes in Slate Grey if you're not as 'into' rose-gold as I am.

Regardless, if you're on the lookout for some great summer accessories, swimwear, sandals, etc. - be sure to check out Fashion Nova! I'm sure you'll love the endless variety and styles there are to choose from as much as I do!

Until next week! xo


"KINDNESS is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere."

- Anonymous



Outfit Total: $193

Stitches $5
Fashion Drug $130
Fashion Nova $50
Michael Kors
Mossimo $8
*click on images below for direct link


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