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APRIL 14TH 2017


STYLEWE Collaboration


 Laurier Trail. North Bay ON, CANADA.

Spring has finally 'sprung'!


Even though the landscape is still quite brown and dreary the fact that the snow is almost gone makes me feel like celebrating. Every spring I can't help but marvel at the rate that nature is able to renew itself. In a matter of a couple of months the landscape literally goes from ugly and brown to beautiful and green - not to mention the sound of the birds returning, tulips springing up, rivers gushing....

Spring really is a time of renewal and excitement.


Thankfully with a fresh backdrop and no more snow, photographing outfits is going to get a lot easier. This new look, brought to you by StyleWe, is the first shoot I've done since January so it was really refreshing to be warm during a shoot for a change. 

Photo credit: Nancy Sharma @modelinphotography

I thought this outfit was a great way to ease into spring fashion; warm enough to keep you from the cool spring breeze yet light enough to not be stifled by the hot spring sun. It's really easy to get a sunburn this time of year so be careful! #SPFitup

I'm not normally one to wear a poncho so I definitely went out of my comfort zone in picking this item. No offense if you're someone who loves wearing ponchos but I find they have a bit of a "grandma" vibe about them. **not that there's anything wrong with that...just not my style. I have seen many girls make ponchos look stunning...

So my little challenge to myself was to style a poncho in a way that made it seem more modern and appealing to someone like me, who would normally shy away from this trend. I figured if I gave the poncho a bit of shape that might help with the "you look like you're wearing a blanket" look - so I belted it. I am someone who simply cannot get away with a flowy, undefined waistline so this really helped me embrace the poncho a little more.


The addition of the leggings with leather inserts as well as the thigh high leather boots added the edge and modernity that I was looking for and I hope you agree that this look definitely doesn't have a "grandma" vibe. Although my grandma is pretty fly and could probably pull it off...just sayin'.


Personally I'm tired of bundling up and the thought of spring dresses, rompers, and sandals has me super excited to share my new spring/summer wardrobe! I have another StyleWe outfit coming your way (hopefully next week) and then I'll be sharing a ton of outfits from a company that I recently discovered and am OBSESSED with #staytuned

Happy spring! Be sure to get out there and enjoy the sunshine this Easter long weekend! xo

"If you watch how NATURE deals with adversity, continually renewing itself,

you can't help but LEARN."

- Bernie Siegel



Outfit Total: $186

Stitches $10
Fashion Drug
StyleWe $99
Reitmans $40
ALDO $15
Le Chateau $22
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