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JULY 8TH 2016




Recently my sister and I went on a bit of a road trip.

Our destination - Elliot Lake.

Our mission - to pick up our grandmother and bring her back home for a week-long visit with the family. We really do LOVE our Grandma and she is so much fun to have around that the eight hour drive (round trip) was no thought at all. Besides it was a great way to test out my sister's new ride, a Mercedes C350, which made for a very smooth drive.

On our little expedition - between wilderness pee-breaks highway-side and singing along to the soundtrack of our childhood - we kept our eyes peeled for some ideal Beauty Spots. Two picturesque backdrops made the cut: the first is the lovely lily pond (featured above and below), and the second is a bright yellow canola field, which will be the subject of next week's post. 


Steph (my sister who also happens to be a photogapher) and I have gotten so used to working together that our photoshoots rarely last longer than 10 minutes. We see a spot we like, I change into idiotic shoes that never suit the terrain, and my sister clicks away, offering a breif direction or two with regards to angles and placement. When it comes to our fashion shoots we are definitely spontaneous sisters!

If you haven't taken the time to check out her work (besides what you see on my page!) click here: The Cultivated Lens

Now a little bit about my outfit.


I picked this romper up about a month ago and I wear it all the time! It's so comfortable and breezy that it's the perfect solution for all the humid summer days we've been experiencing, and let me tell you, the day we shot this was no exception.


I have to admit I've totally jumped on the "neutral obsessed" bandwagon, so much so that wearing colour now seems like too much work. What do I mean by that? Well, neutral tones like this beige romper literally go with everything! which facilitates my lazy dressing days perfectly. If you want to cut your dressing time in half, fill your closet with neutrals. Your days of asking yourself whether or not 'this goes with that' will be gone for good. 


In keeping with the neutral vibe of the romper, I figured why not make it a completely neutral outfit? so I paired it with two great black items; heels with ankle strap detailing, and my favourite Givenchy-inspired handbag. Another great staple in my closet, this bag adds that fashion-savvy look to any outfit and being black, it goes with everything! 

"I own too much BLACK." - said no one ever


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