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JUNE 6TH 2016



Ever since I first laid eyes on the Givenchy Antigona I was completely obsessed. The modern structure, clean lines, and overall architectural appeal of the bag really struck me so I immediately priced it out online. Let's just say that while I was a huge fan of the bag itself I wasn't quite so ecstatic about the price tag which was just shy of $3000.

By now you know that I'm all about affordable fashion, this being the case I started searching online for similar styles without the designer name/price tag. Eventually I stumbled across an online store called Fashion Drug (based out of the Netherlands), which is where I purchased this bag. It is by far the best Givenchy inspired version I found in my rather extensive search for a bag that looked like the Antigona without being an actual knock-off. I didn't want a "fake" Givenchy but rather a bag "inspired" by the Givenchy look. 

This particular handbag is made out of genuine Italian leather and boasts incredible stitching and sturdy gold hardware; no cheap zippers here! I was very impressed with the quality of the bag and I have used it non-stop since it arrived.

My overall experience with Fashion Drug was flawless; the customer service was great, the quality of the product amazing, and the shipping time prompt as promised. The only downside of ordering from this company is the duty charges that you have to pay (if you don't live in the UK) so be sure to factor in those extra costs when ordering overseas. That being said, in my opinion these added costs were totally worth it and all-in (shipping, taxes, and duty) the bag came to about $200, which really is amazing considering its striking resemblance to the Givenchy original as well as the quality of the bag itself! So if you're like me and you fell in love with the Givenchy Antigona but can't justify the price tag this beautiful bag is the perfect solution! Happy shopping :D


*I am in no way affiliated with Fashion Drug and was not paid to write this review. I've linked their website below. 


I loved the way the red soles of my Louboutin's complemented the matte finish of this bag so I paired the two to create a more visually striking photoshoot. Photography is art :D

Large Gigi Bag in "Not So Boring Black": Fashion Drug $130
(shipping, taxes, duty not included)
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