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SammyDress Collaboration



Time for another collaboration!

This week (and next week) I'm teaming up with SammyDress, an online company that sells a vast array of unique and beautiful fashion finds, as you can see from the gorgeous shoes pictured above. I have been a long time fan of Sophia Webster's designs so when I teamed up with SammyDress and began looking at their inventory I just couldn't resist these SW-inspired beauties! 


I think you'll agree that they are the focal point of this outfit and let me tell you I've already received a lot of compliments on them. They come in the colour above as well as straight black and with a pricetag of just thirty dollars buying both pairs is definitely an option if you can't make up your mind! 


Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the shoe, especially when you factor in the low pricetag; at a glance you woudn't know the difference between designer and dupe. If you love the look of the iconic SW angel winged shoes but can't/won't spend the money on the original then this is the perfect fit for you. #punintended The pricetag on the real Sophia Webster "Evangeline" heels varies anywhere from two hunred and thirty dollars to nine hundred and seventy dollars! I say the thirty dollar pricetag is much easier on your wallet and conscience. #guiltfreeshopping

I don't know about you but when I'm wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes I feel wonderful. When they come with an amazing pricetag the feeling only gets better! These are definitely the most unique and interesting pair that I own and with a sparkly set of angel wings on each heel I felt like I could practically fly when I stood atop the massive pink rocks for this shoot! 

I decided to pair the shoes with a champagne and gold party dress that I bought for a wedding a few years back. The top half is fitted and made of satin with ruching at the waist and then transitions into a looser fit with a sparkly tulle skirt covered in varying shades of gold circles. This dress is one of my best fashion finds as I picked it up at my favourite consignment store for just five dollars!! 

As for accessories I decided to go with gold and pale pink/blush tones to match the shoes. I wanted to keep the outfit as monochromatic as possible to ensure that the shoes remained the focal point. 

This entire look cost just eighty-one dollars - which is less than what you would spend on a dress of this quality alone. I get it, some people are freaked out by thrift stores and the thought of wearing something that isn't new - granted it doesn't sound very glamourous - but you have to agree that if done right it can look designer, minus the ridiculous pricetag.

Almost every week I post beautiful outifts that cost next to nothing, the majority of the clothing being either extremely affordable, on sale, or thrifted. It doesn't matter what methods you use, looking great doesn't have to break the bank.

I could easily say that this dress cost two hundred dollars and people would believe me - it would definitely seem more glamourous - but it wouldnt be the truth and it wouldn't inspire anyone (two things that I always aim for when I create content for Beauty Spot).

I hope that I'm inspiring you to think outside the box and have fun with fashion. I also hope that I'm removing some of the stigma from shopping second-hand by putting myself out there and showing you how I do it. If I didn't write about it no one would ever suspect that I spend so little on my wardrobe yet here I am telling the world - (that, and it really is a lot of fun!)

So if you haven't already tried to save some money in the clothing department, give it a try! Whether you're checking out your local thrift boutiques, on the lookout for a great sale at the mall, or visiting SammyDress for unique, beautiful, and affordable finds tell them Beauty Spot sent you ;)  

"Give a girl the right SHOES and she can conquer the WORLD."

- Marilyn Monroe



Outfit Total: $81

SammyDress $30
No tag? $5
Aldo $6
(on sale)
Le Chateau
$15 each
Winners $10
*click on images below for direct link


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