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This shoot was a lot of fun! 

With it I wanted to celebrate the gorgeous summer we've had as well as put an end to the season's fashion by summing up "my perfect summer day" with one final summer outfit.

We had such beautiful weather this summer that the majority of my weekends, as well as my summer holidays with my husband, were spent lakeside, suntanning on a comfortable beach chair with my favourite tunes playing on a loop. Of course for the purpose of this blog post "my perfect summer day" would also include the following:

A classic one-piece

High waisted palazzo pants 

An oversized sun hat

Cat eye sunglasses

A Christian Louboutin manicure

A bold red lip

And a vintage style, six-pack of Coca Cola!

About the outfit:

If it's class you're seeking look no further than a black one-piece bathing suit. I bought this suit a year ago at

La Vie En Rose and it's nothing short of a classic; this bathing suit would've been in style twenty years ago and it'll probably still be in style twenty years from now #timeless.


I paired the swimsuit with patterned high-waisted palazzo pants, which act as the perfect coverup due to their relaxed fit and light fabric.

The elastic waistband also makes them extremely comfortable not to mention convenient for swimming/tanning purposes as they are easy to slip on and off. 

For that extra touch of style, or if you're all about protecting your skin from the sun an oversized sun hat is another classic essential. This hat puts my entire body in shade if I sit just right and it comes in handy for reading in the bright sunlight.

Finally let's talk about my favourite accessories: my matching red lipstick and manicure/pedicure. Who says you can't accessorize with makeup? I LOVE how the bright red lip and nails contrast so vividly with the black and white of the outfit #onpoint. The lipstick is Covergirl (#507) and it's infallible so it literally stays on all day! As for my manicure it's Christian Louboutin Rouge nail colour. I cannot say enough good things about this nail polish! 

It applies like melted butter and just one coat of polish lasts a ridiculously long time - two coats and it's basically indestructable! By far the best nail polish I have ever used.

As for my final accessory what could be better on hot summer's day than an ice-cold

Coca Cola? 


Cheers to a beautiful summer!

I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did. Until next year...

"I believe in MANICURES.

I believe in overdressing.

I belive in primping at leisure and wearing LIPSTICK."

- Audrey Hepburn


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