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Whether you're 'into' fashion or not, everyone loves a good pair of blue jeans. Comfortable and versatile they have become a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Perhaps part of their widespread appeal comes from the fact that there is a pair of jeans for everyone... ripped, tailored, boyfriend, skinny, boot cut, high-waisted, low rise... the choices are endless. I digress...

Canadians often find themselves at the butt of jokes, stereo typically painted as overly polite yet somehow uncivilized rednecks who dwell in igloos and say "eh" a lot. I'll admit some of the stereotypes are hilarious and some definitely contain a bit of truth - okay a lot of truth...I say "eh" at least ten times a day - but surprisingly enough that's not the narrative behind the "Canadian Tuxedo."


Turns out back in 1951 Bing Crosby (a.k.a male version of Beyonce) was denied entrance into a Canadian hotel because he was wearing a suit made entirely of denim. When the renowned brand Levi Strauss heard about it they created a custom tuxedo for Bing so he wouldn't encounter the same problem twice. Inside the jacket was a big leather patch stating that wearing head-to-toe denim was perfectly acceptable and that anyone wearing it should be allowed to enter even the most extravagant hotels.

So you see, while the term Canadian Tuxedo may be used to poke fun at Canadian culture and our sense of fashion (or lack thereof), its origins suggest that we are in fact a bunch of fashion snobs! My favourite part of this story is how the Levi brand refused to tolerate fabric racism and immediately transformed a fashion faux pas into something every man wanted to emulate.

I stand by that sentiment; in fashion there should be no rules let alone fabric discrimination!


Ironically enough the Canadian Tux is no longer seen as a backwoods fashion blunder and repping double denim is very much on-trend. As you can probably tell I'm an avid denim supporter and I'm pulling a Bing Crosby with my version of a head-to-toe jean ensemble for this outfit post proudly entitled "The Canadian Tuxedo." #saynotofabricracism

About the Outfit:


I love these jeans! For me the key to a good pair is a lot of stretch and a mid to high level waistline. There are few things worse than bending over and exposing a whale tail! (If you don't know what that is I suggest you check the urban dictionary...)


One of the reasons I love to wear jeans is because they are extremely versatile: pair them with work-boots and you're tough enough to stack wood OR slip on a pair of pumps and you're date night ready.


For me the highpoint of this outfit has to be the shoes. I stumbled across this pair of Nine West denim heels two years ago while thrifting and I just knew they would come in handy someday. I have to say they are the perfect statement piece to tie this look together, taking it even a step further from double denim to triple denim!

Gold aviators, hoops, and my MK watch complete the look adding just the right amount of attitude for this overall laid back ensemble. 

What do you think? Would you ever rep a Canadian Tux? Regardless of whether you wear denim head-to-toe or just on your behind I think we can all agree that jeans are an impressive piece of clothing. What other attire could be simultaneously worn by Giorgio Armani and the men of Duck Dynasty? Case in point: jeans are the great equalizer.

"Jeans represent DEMOCRACY in fashion. "

- Giorgio Armani


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