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STYLEWE Collaboration


Duchesnay Falls. North Bay ON, CANADA.

I'm really excited about this week's post! Not only have I teamed up with a fantastic new company StyleWe, but I've also teamed up with another fantastic photographer - Nancy Sharma of @modelinphotography. While Nancy is a great photographer, she also happens to be a friend of mine so working with her was loads of fun. She is up for anything, has a great eye, and is really creative with composition. Be sure to check out her work on Instagram - this girl can shoot some seriously dope angles - as you can probably see in some of the following shots.


As for the company I'm currently collaborating with...

StyleWe is an online store that features unique, beautiful, and original clothing made by independent fashion designers from around the world. Amazing concept right?! I will be featuring two pieces from StyleWe; the first, a jacket for this week's post and second, a dress for next week's blog post.

I was so impressed by this company. The rep I dealt with was courteous and professional and my correspondence with her has been a pleasure. In addition every aspect of my experience with the company was flawless. The shipping time was prompt, condition and packaging that the clothing arrived in was pristine, the clothing quality itself was amazing, and my experience shopping on the StyleWe website was nothing short of enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this site as a safe and reliable place to shop online and the fact that by doing so you are promoting and supporting independent artists is just an added bonus!


This week's garment is a stunning bomber jacket created by the designer brand Poscilla. I LOVE this jacket and I've worn it countless times since receiving it. The fit is perfect, it's really comfortable, it's lightweight yet able to stand up to the dropping fall temperatures, and you simply can't beat the iconic look of this jacket being one of the year's hottest trends. Personally my favourite features are the pockets, sturdy silver hardware, and most of all the the material itself. Olive green is one of my go-to colours and the satin look and feel of the garment provides a hint of luxury and glamour while still maintaining the look and feel of a sporty, comfortable jacket.

I've seen bomber jackets worn so many different ways - all of which look great! - however I decided to play with the athletic nature of the jacket pairing it with stretchy, sporty looking accessories. Of course I had to add a touch of bling with the jewelry but aside from that this outfit could transition easily from the gym to the mall.


To start let's talk about these 'sneaky' sneakers. These shoes are in fact disguising a bit of a heel so if you're on the shorter side like me but don't want to walk around in stilettos all the time these wedges are a very comfortable and casual alternative that will give you a leg up. 

In keeping with the element of comfort I'm also wearing black high-waisted leggings with leather-look inserts (to match the shoes) and a stretchy black cropped T. To pull the look together I've added my signature Givenchy-inspired bag which is large enough that it could double as a gym bag.


To compliment this ensemble I've matched the silver zippers and hardware of the jacket with silver jewelry, including mirrored sunnies, gem covered hoops, and a fabulous arm cuff from my fav place to shop accessories: Le Chateau. 

What are your thoughts on this look? I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email, comment below or on any of my social media platforms. Also be sure to check out StyleWe's website for other great fashion finds! (links posted at the bottom of the page)

On another note today is Remembrance Day. Be sure to set aside a few moments to pause and meditate on the sacrifice that so many have made (and continue to make) for our freedom. We must never forget.

In REMEMBRANCE of all those who died and served for our FREEDOM.

1914 - 1918

1939 - 1945


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