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Nipissing, ON. CANADA.

In my opinion the majority of human beings seem to learn the most from difficulties, mistakes, and negative experiences. While this may sound pessimistic, I know that this has been the truth in my life. Going through stressful times is never fun however it is - unfortunately enough - an inevitable part of life. 

I am currently dealing with quite a bit of stress in my personal life due to some ongoing health concerns. I won't go into the details but it is really scary and stressful when your health is up and down. Everyone experiences stress at some point but whether the stress stems from a relationship, your career, or health problems it can often feel overwhelming. 

That being said, stressful situations can teach you a lot. I am learning so much about managing stress through this ordeal and while it is not fun and a lesson I frankly wouldn't mind skipping altogether, being able to effectively manage stress is an amazing asset that equips you to successfully navigate life's highs and lows. This quote encourages me to transform my negative experiences into something positive rather than let them get the best of me. I hope at the end of this difficult time to be transformed into a person strong enough to withstand anything that life can throw at me and even better, emerge more radiant than ever.

"A DIAMOND is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well." - Unknown


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