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Highway 11. North Bay, ON. CANADA.

I have had my eyes on these enormous red rocks for quite some time as they are situated all along the section of Highway 11 that runs between Powassan and North Bay - a drive that I make often. While I knew that these rocks would provide the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot it just so happens that one has to climb to a reasonable height to get the best shots. Ironically enough I am EXTREMELY afraid of heights. I place emphasis on "extremely" because the heights don't even have to be all that high for me to be freaked out. For example, I would be uncomfortable leaning over the railing of a two story building (let alone a ten story), I am terrified to ride even the smallest of Ferris Wheels - I even have a hard time watching movies when the characters find themselves in situations where heights are involved. I would say that's all pretty extreme.

Needless to say I literally had to climb out of my comfort zone for many of these photos. 


Everyone is afraid of something. While some people are afraid of things like heights, spiders, and flying, some fears are much more serious in that they prevent people from living their life to the fullest.

There are those who are afraid to reveal their true emotions for fear of rejection.

There are those who are afraid of getting too close to other people as they bear the scars of a previous relationship.

Then there are those who are simply too afraid to pursue their dreams because they fear failure. 


While fear isn't always a bad thing, it can overtake and completely consume our life if we constantly dwell on it. However, like so many other things we would love to be rid of, there really is no easy way to conquer our fears. The only way to conquer them is to face them. Even still, some fears we may eventually conquer while there are others that we may never be able to defeat. The key is not to allow your fears to limit your life in an unhealthy way. Sometimes it IS enough to just keep on trying. No matter how often I face my fear of heights it never seems to dwindle. The important thing is that every now and then I muster up the courage to climb. 

"Decide that you want it more than you are AFRAID of it." - Anonymous


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