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JUNE 8TH 2015



 Where I Grew Up. Corbeil, ON. CANADA.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for taking photos. I was still in the process of compiling my first 5 blog posts so I really wanted to get another shoot in. I decided to head out to my parent's property to take some shots of this beautiful strapless chiffon dress. I had it all planned out in my mind: sunlight, light breeze, chiffon blowing in the wind... 


No lie - as soon as I arrived at my parent's home it started pouring!


At first I was super discouraged but after a couple hours of visiting with my mom I decided that I wasn't going to let the weather or my now frizzy hair stop me! I was going make the most of the situation and simply adjust my plans to suit the weather. Cue rubber boots and an umbrella! 

"Things work out best for those who make the best of how things turn out."

- John Wooden



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