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 Old Orchard Beach (OOB), MAINE, U.S.A.

When it comes to "all things sparkly" I am a little bit obsessed, so needless to say when I saw this dress sparkling at me from the rack I bought it without even trying it on! When I got home from shopping later that day I promptly threw the dress into the washing machine, as I do with all of my secondhand finds. I was hoping to wear the dress to an upcoming wedding and was anxious to see if it fit, so I threw it in the dryer once it was washed. When I pulled the dress out of the dryer a flurry of sparkles came out with it! Not only that, the next three loads of laundry I did afterwards had sparkles on them! Apparently a little sparkle goes a long way...


When I found the quote below I knew that it was perfect! After the sparkle explosion happened I tried on the dress and it did end up fitting beautifully so I decided to wear it to the wedding that weekend. Little did I know that I would quite literally leave a trail of sparkles wherever I went! 


I am drawn to anything that sparkles! There is something so appealing and magical about seeing objects shimmer and dance as they reflect light. As much as sparkles leave an impression on me, something that makes a much greater and lasting impression is a person who brings sparkle into the lives of others, making them feel special and appreciated. Wearing sparkles is great fun but being the sparkle in someone else's life is one of the best feelings there is. Just like I left a literal trail of sparkles wherever I went when I wore this dress, let's try to leave a trail of happiness, love, and kindness wherever we go. Here are a few tips to help you leave a trail of sparkles:

SMILE. Smiles are contagious.

COMPLIMENT OTHERS. Whether it is a physical attribute or a thoughtful nature there is something beautiful about everyone. Take the time to recognize the beauty in others and don't be shy about telling them.


BE THOUGHTFUL. Holding doors open, helping with grocery bags, and paying for the person's coffee in line behind you are all things that will brighten someone's day.

SPEAK POSITIVELY. Be the "glass half full" type of person in every situation. If you don't have something helpful or positive to say it is probably unnecessary.


TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN. Invest in your conversations with others. Listen to what they are saying and be ready with a thoughtful reply when it's your time to speak. 


You never know what people are going through on a personal level. Sometimes a simple kind word or gesture can be the turning point in someone's life so don't hold back and be generous with your kindness! A little sparkle goes a long way...

"Leave a little SPARKLE wherever you go." - Unknown


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