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MARCH 4TH 2016



BEAUTY SPOT: Lake Nipissing. North Bay, ON. CANADA.

This is my fourth collaboration with The Cultivated Lens and as per usual the results are fantastic - which is extremely impressive considering the frigid temperature we were shooting in! The thermometer read -15 however with the intense wind and blowing snow it honestly felt more like -30! 


As soon as we stepped out onto the lake the wind tore at our hair and felt like it was burning our faces but that didn't stop us. We even managed to make it appear as though we were having a fabulous time! - mind you we only lasted about 15 minutes before having to head back to our vehicles!


That being said we didn't quit. We had set out to accomplish something and saw it through until the end. I know this was just a small, trivial thing but regardless of how big or small our obstacles are there really is great merit in refusing to throw in the towel when things get a little tough or uncomfortable. Resilience and perseverance are outstanding qualities that you can apply to so many situations in life and sometimes the sheer will of not wanting to be a quitter can get you to places you never thought you'd reach. So get out there and brave the cold! ...I don't know about you but     "the cold never bothered me anyway"     ... 


"LIFE has two rules:


#2 Always remember rule #1." - Unknown


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