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Trout Creek, ON. CANADA.

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. Making mistakes is an inevitable part of being human.


Sometimes a mistake can be something as trivial as forgetting to sign your name on a cheque, while other mistakes are serious and can have a major impact upon your life and, in a lot of cases, the lives of others.


People often throw around the phrase "Nobody's perfect," as if this truth is to be utilized as a convenient cover-up for their mistakes. We are meant to LEARN from our mistakes not gloss over them like they never even happened. Not only do our mistakes teach us a lot about ourselves, more importantly they also motivate us to change the less admirable aspects about who we are and how we treat others.


We have all experienced the feelings of foolishness, shame, or embarrassment that accompany our mistakes and it's no picnic, however we should always do our best to look beyond these feelings to discover something we may need to change about ourselves. If mistakes are indeed an inevitable part of life that help grow and mature our character wouldn't you want to make use of every single one?

"Your best TEACHER is your last MISTAKE." - Ralph Nader


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