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STYLEWE Collaboration


 The Lookout. Powassan ON, CANADA.

My first post of 2017! I had a very restful extended holiday with my husband #thankful and now I'm ready to get back to blogging!

I'll be kicking off the year with another collaboration with
StyleWe. They were so pleased with the last collaboration that they asked me to style even more of their product and as per usual it's been a pleasure to shop and wear their quality pieces! 


This shoot also marks the second time I've collaborated with Nancy Sharma of @modelinphotography. Recently Nancy decided to make it official and start doing freelance photography and I'm so excited and proud of her for making the leap. She now has a Facebook page (click HERE) so be sure to check it out and show her some love!

The two times Nancy and I have collaborated together we've done a double shoot, which means we shoot two outfits in two separate locations on the same day. Wouldn't you know it, the day we had settled on just happened to coincide with one of the coldest day of 2016, so if you notice that I look a little chilled in some have no idea! haha

That being said props to Nancy for being such a trooper! This girl is up for anything; shooting from treetops, climbing up on rocks for different p.o.v's,... I highly recommend her!

Now a little bit about this outfit...

Due to the frigid temperatures, I paired this dazzling red sweater dress with a Calvin Klein parka, leggings, and boots, however this look could easily be dressed up as well. This dress would be perfect for Valentine's Day when paired with some stockings, heels, and sparkly earrings.

Two things make this sweater dress stand out: The first is the luxurious turtleneck which is made up of so much fabric that when unfolded is enough to cover your entire head! I love how it can be folded over for a neat and tidy look or worn all bunched up for a more cozy, laid back vibe. Either way it is guaranteed to keep you warm. The second feature that I really love about this dress is the thumb holes at the end of each sleeve (scroll further down for closeup pics of this detail). This little feature ensures that your wrists stay warm and prevents that dreaded bunching up of sleeves when you put a coat on #petpeeve

A few other outfit deets are my sleek sunglasses and feminine gloves from Le Chateau - by now you know they are pretty much my go-to for accessories. In addition my boots from Posh Wellie's are literally on repeat almost everyday making sure my feet stay dry in the snow and more recently, slush. All outfit details are posted at the bottom of the page as well as links to where you can get them (or similar items) for yourself!

It's a new year and a fresh start. You have the privilege and ability to be the author of your own story! Don't let anyone else write it for you and don't ever feel the need to apologize for the edits that you make. It's YOUR life so you write it and live it according to what makes you feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


Looking forward to exciting things in 2017! xo

"LIFE is a book.

Every day is a new page.

Every month is a new chapter.

Every year is a new series."

- Anonymous



Outfit Total: $330

Reitmans $40
Posh Wellie's $50
(on sale)
Calvin Klein $150
Le Chateau $20
StyleWe $50
Le Chateau $20
Michael Kors
*click on images below for direct link


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