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STYLEWE Collaboration


The Pines. Powassan ON, CANADA.

Black and white: it's a striking combination that never loses its impact. When manifested in the form of a houndstooth pattern, ie. this fantastic Kenneth Blake coat, it earns extra style points while oozing modernity and class. 


I styled this look around a black dress with a unique mermaid silhouette, yet another gorgeous piece of clothing courtesy of StyleWe. This dress is the perfect LBD: black (duh), sophisticated, and - with the addition of the tapered full skirt - ultra-feminine. 

For accessories I decided to further the theme of femininity with some pearls and keep things simple with more black in the form of stockings, patent heels, and a faux-crocodile clutch. Simplicity is so underrated.

On the other hand, something that is not underrated is being involved in something that you are passionate about. Humans are naturally creative beings, and by that I don't mean that everyone enjoys the same pastimes or is creative in the same ways. The beauty of our innate creativity is that it manifests itself in so many unique and beautiful ways. Whether we are wired to create new technology, new culinary masterpieces, new methods for curing diseases, or new ways to improve the quality of life for others around the globe, we all have the ability to "make" something using the skills and abilities we've been given.


Usually when advancements are made or records are broken, or new technology is created it is done by people who are passionate about what they are doing. It's common sense to assume that a doctor who is passionate about saving lives is going to strive longer, work harder, and care more about their patients than the doctor who sees their job simply as a paycheck. Generally when people love what they do they excel. 

Now I get it, life is not a fairy tale and more often than not people don't end up in their dream job getting paid to do what they love everyday, but who says you can only do the things you love if you get paid for it? 

It sounds like a total cliche but life is short.

Do what you love.

Photo credit: Nancy Sharma @modelinphotography

It doesn't have to be extreme or mean giving up your job or making life-altering changes. Some people love to write but can't seem to find the time - make time. Some fantasize about learning to play an instrument but have been told that they are too old to start - ignore the naysayers. Others use responsibilities as excuses for trying something they've always wanted to do but are too afraid to take the leap - swallow your fear and stop making excuses.


Bottom line: there is always a way, make time for the things you are passionate about. It might be a hobby, it might be a pastime, it might be something that gives your life purpose, who knows? it might even turn into something that makes you money. Regardless of what it looks like, if you're not already involved in something that you enjoy, that makes you happy, or brings a little bit of joy to your life get out there and grab life by the horns. #noregrets

It's often the little things in life that make us happy. Simplicity is definitely underrated. xo

"The things you are PASSIONATE about are not random.

They are your CALLING."

- Fabienne Fredrickson



Outfit Total: $208

StyleWe $60
Aldo $8
Vintage $10
Kenneth Blake $120
WalMart $5
(on sale)
Suzy Shier $5
(on sale)
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