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Old Orchard Beach (OOB), MAINE, U.S.A.

This is the third photoshoot that we took while on vacation and it was definitely the most spontaneous. During dinner that night my father-in-law had mentioned a sandbar located at the far end of Old Orchard Beach. I was already wearing this beautiful and very comfortable maxi dress so we decided to check out the sandbar and see if we could manage to get a few shots in before the sun went down. We hadn't anticipated how long it would take us to wade out to the sand bar so we only managed to get three clear photographs before the lighting made it impossible to keep shooting. When I began transferring the images from my camera to the computer I was disappointed. How was I going to build a blog post when I had only three clear photographs to work with? The answer: check my attitude...and then proceed to write about it!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Over the years I've come to realize just how much my attitude affects my life. Choosing to be positive rather than negative and learning to find the good in any situation is well worth the effort. When faced with a problem it is all too easy to become discouraged and negative but that decision is, quite literally, a complete waste of life. Some people are born with a cheerful disposition and seem to overflow with positivity...others, like myself, really have to work at it.


Life is far from perfect and rarely goes according to plan; in short there will always be problems. The key is to realize and accept this fact and make a conscious effort to be positive regardless of the situation. With a positive attitude we are able to view problems as opportunities rather than roadblocks and solving problems becomes a whole lot easier when we aren't in an emotional and negative mindset!


Next time you are faced with a problem, stop and examine your attitude before you focus on the problem. I promise you'll be glad you did. 

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your ATTITUDE about the problem." - Captain Jack Sparrow


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