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Modelling alongside a beautiful horse, this outfit features rose-gold accessories and tribal print matching separates from Le Chateau.

Have you ever been walking past the storefront windows of a clothing store only to be stopped dead in your tracks by the sight of a gorgeous outfit? I find myself doing this every time I walk by my favourite clothing store...

My love affair with Le Chateau began when I was about fifteen. I was strolling around the mall not looking for anything in particular, when a sleek, olive green sweater caught my eye. As soon as saw it I just had to try it on; the fabric was soft and stretchy and the fit seemed tailor-made. That was the day I bought my first article of clothing from Le Chateau and despite the fact that I've purchased and recycled countless outfits since, that olive green sweater still hangs in my closet ten years later!

That purchase was the first of many I've now made at Le Chateau. Their unique, beautiful, and unexpected designs always cater to my sense of style and taste so it's no surprise that it continues to be my favourite place to shop to this day.

Still, I never would've thought that my first collaboration on Beauty Spot would be with my favourite clothing brand, which is in fact the case!! I'm so excited to share with you that this post is brought to you by Le Chateau of Montreal!

Teaming up with a major fashion retailer is a huge accomplishment for me but the fact that my first collaboration also happens to be with my favourite company has really exceeded my expectations and truly is a dream come true!

Set against a backdrop of rolling hay fields, this outfit features gorgeous rose-gold accessories and tribal print matching separates from Le Chateau of Montreal.

The reason I chose to share the memory of my first Le Chateau purchase was not only to demonstrate the quality and longevity of the brand's clothing, but also to illustrate the point that dressing is so much more enjoyable when you love the clothes that hang in your closet. This is the lesson I learned when I made that first purchase. Every time I wore that sweater I felt great and dressing was a joy not a chore.


Wouldn't you love to feel that way about every piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Well you can! 

I think everyone knows the feeling of putting on an outfit only to look in the mirror and realize you don't really like it at all. Personally I REALLY don't like that feeling which is why my closet is always evolving. Fit, comfort, quality, and how unique and beautiful a piece 

is is of utmost importance to me. If I don't love it, I don't wear it.

Here are some of the criteria I use to determine what gets to stay in my closet and what needs to go:

Does it fit well?

Is it comfortable?

Is it still in style?

Do I love wearing it? 

Have I worn it in the last 6 months?

If an article of clothing (or handbag or accessory) doesn't meet these criteria it's wasting valuable space. 

Now that's not to say that I'm constantly throwing clothing in the garbage. I bring my unwanted clothes to a local consignment store so whenever the feeling of dislike rears its ugly head I promptly take off the article of clothing and put it in the 'recycle' pile.


Over the years I've realized that if you don't re-evaluate your closet at least every six months you'll end up with a chaotic closet packed with clothing that you don't even wear. Consequently precious time is wasted taking clothing on and off and stress and chaos overwhelm your dressing routine every morning. Ain't nobody got time for that...

The bottom line: Don't buy, keep or wear clothing you don't love. Make this your dressing (and shopping) mantra and you'll never again utter the frustrating phrase "I have nothing to wear."

"If you wear things you ADORE, you just look better."

- Margherita Missoni

Now let's talk about the look I styled! Not only does this outfit meet all of the criteria listed above, it's also the perfect illustration of how wearing clothing that you love can make all the difference. 

At a glance this outfit looks like a jumpsuit however it is in fact two separate articles of clothing which classifies it as "matching separates." Translation: the look of a jumpsuit minus the awkward bathroom breaks.

The fit is perfect; loose enough to be breathable and comfortable yet still fitted enough to create a nice silhouette. Of course I can't forget to mention my must-have feature

- pockets - which add an air of cool confidence to any outfit. 


Another handy aspect of this ensemble is that it's a great transitional piece. We shot this look on a scorching summer afternoon and I hardly noticed the heat, however if you were to pair it with a jacket and ankle boots this outfit would provide a seamless transition into fall.

This ring is a real show-stopper. This massive ring from Le Chateau packs more than a little bling with its beautiful rose-gold finish encrusted with matching rhinestones.
The relationship between a girl and her horse. This outfit features rose-gold accessories and tribal print matching separates from Le Chateau.
This beautiful red dun stole the show as we modelled for these shots for a collaboration with Le Chateau. The outfit features rose-gold accessories and tribal print matching separates.

While the comfort, quality, and fit of this outfit are all fantastic, my favourite feature has to be the pattern of the material itself. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it's so intricate and vivid that the visual interest is off the charts, continuously drawing your eyes over the entire garment. If it was in the storefront window, this is definitely an outfit that would catch your eye.

One of my favourite things about shopping at Le Chateau is their selection of accessories, jewelry in particular. With so many beautiful pieces to choose from it was difficult to settle on accessories but I finally opted on dainty rose-gold jewelry with a touch of 'bling,' and on-trend sunglasses. I think the rose-gold was the perfect choice as it draws out the orange tones in the fabric's design without looking overly 'matchy.' I've included a lot of beautiful close-ups of all of the accessories so you can really appreciate each piece, most notably the massive rhinestone-encrusted ring, which is a real show-stopper!

I had so much fun putting this look together! The comfort, quality, and beauty of each piece made it fun to wear and easy to photograph. I know you'll love this outfit just as much as I do so I've linked all of the items below! Happy shopping!


This collaboration really was a dream come true for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience working with a major fashion retailer! To be able to represent my favourite clothing brand was a real honour, not to mention SO MUCH FUN! so thank you to Le Chateau for making my dream a reality and investing in my brand!

I would like to thank the two lovely ladies who helped me out while I was shopping at the Le Chateau, North Bay location. It just so happens that on the day I decided to pick out my outfit two store managers were working. Jody Polec (store manager) and Vicky Gorecki (product manager) were both so helpful and enthusiastic and whether I was asking for sizes or opinions they were more than happy to help. 

I also want to thank my photographer The Cultivated Lens. She really knows how to capture a moment and has been shooting for me for about six months now. Her laid back nature and skill with candids and close-ups always make 'posing' seem effortless.

A final thank you to my best friend Holly. As soon as I told her my idea for this shoot she was immediately onboard and let me model alongside her horse Summer. Not only did she groom Summer to perfection, she also lunged her in between sessions to keep her focused on the camera rather than the yummy hay that surrounded her! You're basically a horse whisperer in my books Holls. xo



Outfit Total: $201

WHAT I'M WEARING: Head-to-Toe LE CHATEAU of Montreal
Le Chateau $40
Le Chateau $50
Le Chateau $10
Le Chateau $50
Le Chateau $22
Le Chateau $10
Le Chateau $13
Le Chateau $6
(on sale)
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