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Who else has a 'thing for bling'?! ...because this week's post features plenty of sparkle and shine! I purchased this dress back in the summer (*from Fashion Nova - on sale at a steal I might add) for a wedding I was supposed to be attending in January of 2021. Unfortunately due to COVID, the wedding was cancelled and with it my chance to take this beautiful garment out for a spin. 


Upon suddenly finding myself with neither reason nor place to wear my new 'iced out' ensemble, I thought that perhaps I could still prevent the impending tragedy of an unworn outfit by modelling it for a blog post.

Coincidentally, not long after I had this epiphany we experienced our first significant snowfall of the year. Not just any snowfall either. It happened to be that gorgeous, fluffy kind of snow that coats every tree branch and covers the ground like a soft white carpet. Pair that with splendidly mild temps and the most fun loving, spontaneous Mama I know and this is what became of it...

Let's talk a little bit about this dress, because it deserves a bit more than just a mention. This is the first 'fancy' dress that I've purchased from Fashion Nova and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with the quality of this piece. For lack of a better term, it is straight-up BEDAZZLED from top to bottom with rhinestones and pearls of all shapes and sizes. I'm not sure how they're all attached but whatever method was used not only looks flawless but is extremely secure as well - no cheap glue or flimsy stitching here! 

The fabric itself is delightful with great stretch and movement and the neutral, skin-toned colour perfectly complements the embellishments, not competing with them in any way.

As you can see in some of the photos it's also partly sheer adding even more romance and Old Hollywood glamour which is exactly what I was going for when I picked it out.

The transparent heels are another Fashion Nova purchase, which I thought very befitting a winter wedding as they look like they could be made of ice. (*Bonus: they might be the most comfortable pair of heels I now own!) In keeping with that theme, I "iced" up the look even further with a pair of subtle diamond drop earrings, actually the very earrings I wore on my wedding day (sentimental much?).

Sadly, I never ended up completing this outfit as first envisioned, as the last piece of the puzzle was to be a snow-white faux fur stole for that extra dose of Marilyn Monroe type of glamour. 

"People are like DIAMONDS;

At first glance some dazzle on the surface, but a diamond of true quality and brilliance can only be found by looking at the inside."  - Anonymous.

While the white fur stole never quite panned out - or more tragic than that, the wedding I was supposed to wear it to - I'm glad that at the very least, this shoot came together nicely. All my fellow fashionistas out there know the unpleasant feeling of a well planned outfit that never gets its moment and if you didn't know that feeling pre-COVID, you'll probably know it by now. 


It's the little things in life ;) I really believe that. So enjoy those little things or moments that bring you joy, no matter how big or small, frivolous or deeply meaningful.

There's a little homework for ya!


I've linked the dress below if you just have to have it for yourself! Be sure to check out Fashion Nova's wide range of gowns and footwear. With the holiday season nearly upon us they're the perfect solution to all those holiday and New Year's Eve parties! There's my pre-COVID brain talking...on a positive note though, no one says you can't still get dressed up for a party for two!




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