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AUGUST 31ST 2018



 Corbeil ON, CANADA

I've always loved shoes...AND I've always loved cars.

As long as I can remember I've had wildly dissimilar interests.

On one hand I love girly things like dressing up, painting my nails, and wearing high heels; on the other I love riding motorcycles, playing hockey, and I've always had a great appreciation for beautiful (ahem) and fast cars. 

So when my father recently purchased a literal race car (it has a set of Indy plates!), I thought what better way to celebrate two of my passions than to combine them and shoot a "race-car-red" themed outfit post?!


Hope you enjoy the look! As usual outfit details are posted below.


Shout out to all my fellow tomboys! xo 

"She don't believe in shootin' stars,

But she believe in SHOES and CARS."

- Kanye



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