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JUNE 15TH 2018


Zaful Collaboration


 Corbeil ON, CANADA

Summer is quite simply the BEST!

Warm sunshine, cold ice cream, lazy picnics, and adorable outfits are all on the agenda and I'm lovin' every single minute of it! 

Speaking of adorable outfits, this two piece set from Zaful is too cute to pass up and you simply won't believe the price tag!

Disclaimer: be prepared to get a ton of compliments when you're wearing this cute little set! So many girls approached me asking where I got this outfit and there are countless other cute options like this one on their website that I just might buy some of their pieces myself!

**Items linked at page bottom

This is my second collaboration with the brand and I have to say my experience with them each time has been fantastic. Fit is true to size, shipping went off without a hitch (tracking numbers provided), quality for the price is great, and their styles are both unique and on trend. 

Lately ultra feminine styling has been my go-to; off-the-shoulder tops, floral prints, and matching sets are all I seem to want to wear! 

The gingham print definitely falls within this category and has been one of the most popular trends of spring. Luckily for me, it transitions seamlessly into summer.


When I first tried this outfit on my husband told me I "looked like a picnic" so that's where the inspiration for this shoot originated.

My second point of inspiration came through "an Italian tradition." I've been a long time fan of San Pellegrino and always have a few bottles of their carbonated water in my pantry. Recently, however, I've become absolutely addicted to their fruit beverages! (If you haven't already tried them I recommend the "Aranciata Rossa" flavour.) They are absolutely delicious and the perfect refreshment for those especially hot summer days! Throw in some ripe cherries, beautiful vine tomatoes, and bright yellow lemons and you've got yourself the perfect Italian inspired picnic! 

"When life gives you LEMONS, make lemonade."

- Dale Carnegie

My final point of inspiration comes from Dolce & Gabbana: MY ultimate inspiration for feminine styling and just straight up #fashiongoals 

Their ad campaigns are brilliant and beautiful, full of fun, laughter, and gorgeous detailing. 


My details of choice were delicate gold earrings (also from Zaful), a gorgeous hot pink-gold combo MK watch, classy nude slingbacks, and my favourite vintage Marchino bag.

Still, I have to say that the pop of yellow provided by the lemons made for some great visual contrast, not to mention that they also afforded me the chance to practice my very poor juggling skills! 


As always outfit details are linked at the bottom of the page so be sure to check them out and shop Zaful's online store for even more gorgeous outfits!

I also want to give a big shout out to my Mom for helping me stage this shoot as well as taking the pictures! She did such a great job with it and made it even more fun than usual! 

Hope you enjoyed this week's look! Until next time, be sure to soak up every single warm sunny day you get!





Outfit Total: $76

Michael Kors
Guess $24
Zaful $32
Vintage $12
Old Navy $6
Zaful $2
*click on images below for direct link


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