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AUGUST 26TH 2016




How beautiful is this location?! A glowy pink sky, water so calm it looks like glass, and an unobstructed view that's hard to beat - it's defintely among the most serene 'beauty spots' I've shot in thus far. 


I first decided to model all of my outfits in "the great outdoors" because I knew it was a unique niche in the fashion blogging world; to date I still haven't come across another blogger who shoots exclusively in nature (which is crazy when you factor in the overwhelming amount of fashion blogs out there). 

Bottom line; I found something that I knew would make me really unique, which is must if you don't want to get lost in the 'blog-osphere.' 

The second reason that I chose to use nature as my backdrop is that I am literally surrounded by nature as I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. Naively enough I thought that taking pictures outside would be 'convenient.' 


This view is gorgeous no doubt about it, but the trail to the top is steep and rocky which can make it tricky to navigate, especially at a brisk pace. Obviously I had appropriate clothing and footwear and changed once we reached the top but rapidly fading light, deer flies, mosquitos and sweat from the ascent aren't the ideal conditions for a fashion photoshoot.

Now I'm not saying this to sound depressing or complain but rather to illustrate a point. Often in life it's the most difficult and sometimes downright ugly paths that lead to the most beautiful places or achievements.


When I look back over past photo-shoots that is one of the things that makes me most proud: overcoming the difficulties and adapting when things don't go according to plan. When I remember each individual circumstance, ranging from scary to uncomfortable to hilarious, and then look at the photos that were the result of those situations you'd never be able to tell that things didn't go flawlessly. The truth is they rarely do when you shoot in nature and that's what I'm most proud of.

About the outfit:

My sister gave me this dress a few years ago and this is the first time I've worn it! It's really stretchy which makes it super comfortable and easy to move around in. My favourite part about it is the colour, which happens to match the soft pink hues of the sky perfectly. I also love the peplum which flares out at the hips and then cascades down over the backside of the dress adding an extra dose of feminine flare.

I paired the dress with rose gold accessories - (can you tell I'm kind of obsessed with it lately?) - because I recently found these gorgeous matching sandals at Le Chateau for just ten dollars! I love wearing these rings, particularly the one pictured onthe left! both are from a little boutique called Vivah which has AMAZING accessories (my husband bought them for me because he knows how much I love bling!)


The vintage handbag has been on repeat these days as seems to compliment everything - never underestimate the abilities of an off-white handbag. 

I decided to change things up a bit for this shoot so instead of repping my signature long wavy locks I created a faux-hawk. It's fun to experiment with different hairstyles and I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out. I even wove some miniature braids into the mix for a 'do' that somehow manages to be messy and slightly punk while still looking classy and elegant.

Hope you enjoyed this week's look! xo

"DIFFICULT roads often lead to BEAUTIFUL destinations."

- Anonymous


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