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APRIL 13TH 2018


StyleWe Collaboration


 Powassan ON, CANADA

I feel like I may have jinxed our long anticipated warmer temps with my last post entitled "Spring Feels." One thing it definitely does NOT feel like around here is Spring! The snow just keeps on coming...

While a lot of people are choosing to view this as a negative, (really who can blame them) I have to say that while I'm not exactly thrilled about it myself I was happy because it afforded me the opportunity to photograph this adorable winter coat for my last collaboration with StyleWeHere's to hoping that this is the last "winter" themed outfit I'll be posting until next winter!

By now y'all know that faux fur is a favourite of mine so of course I just couldn't resist the adorable 'muff'-like sleeves on this coat. The soft neutral colour was also a major draw to me as I'm all about easy dressing and neutrals go with everything.  

While this coat was definitely made for dressing up, I tried to dress it down a little bit with a sweater and black jeans. I wanted to offset the jacket and really make it stand out so I chose to pair it with all black pieces including my over-the-knee leather boots that add a slight edgy vibe to even the most demure look. 

Of course I also have to mention the gorgeous vintage sweater that I'm wearing. I found this gem at a thrift store and snagged it for just eight dollars! It was projecting some serious BALMAIN feels with the intricate embroidery, sequins and pearls and I just love how it picks up on the same tones of the coat #perfectpairing

No outfit is complete without accessories so delicate silver hoops and clear frame sunglasses with mirrored lenses were the definitive choice to pull this whole look together. 

**See the bottom of the page for full outfit details plus where you can purchase this coat for yourself!

"I'm sorry for what I said when it was WINTER."

- Every Canadian at some point...

I don't know if you've noticed or not but my website has undergone a change in the last little while. I've changed the name from Beauty Spot to my full name (Vanessa Lynn Miller). I felt like it was time to re-brand a little bit and while I was at it, ended up changing from a to a #Canadiancontent

I've also added an ARTWORK page so if you haven't already be sure to take a look at another one of my pastimes!

I've been wanting to re-brand and amalgamate my multi-faceted life for quite some time now so while it's been brought to fruition by some recent life changes (new job, etc) it's been pre-meditated. 

Over the past couple of years, particularly the past six months, posting has been a lot more sporadic and less frequent due to my CTE, freelance work, and now part-time job so my attention was being pulled in too many different places. Now all of my creative, fashion-related, and artistic endeavors can live in ONE space. It feels good!

What do you think of my re-imagined, amalgamated website? 

As always you can email me @, get in touch with me through the comments section below, or DM me through my Instagram account. 




Outfit Total: $243

Vintage $8
Aldo $15
StyleWe $180
Fashion Nova $40
*click on images below for direct link


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