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JULY 17TH 2015



 LongCreek Organic Farm. Pembroke, ON. CANADA.

These photos were taken in a field of buckwheat. Buckwheat is a starchy seed which is most often used for animal feed or made into flour for human consumption. Besides its usefulness once harvested, buckwheat is also extremely beneficial during its growth cycle and farmers often plant buckwheat for its "cover crop" properties. A cover crop is by definition a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil. Not only does buckwheat lessen soil erosion, slow water runoff, and reduce mineral leaching but it is also extremely effective in suppressing weed growth.


After speaking with my uncle about his crops and learning a little bit about the properties and benefits of buckwheat I immediately drew a parallel to life, as I so often do... I thought to myself "I would love to be like buckwheat." Not only does it enrich its surroundings, thereby improving the soil for whatever is to come, but it also prevents the spread of life-choking weeds. 


In life I would equate destructive weeds with gossip. While some may view gossip as a harmless past-time, few things could be further from the truth! Personally I have been on both ends of the gossip chain; I have been the object of gossip and I am ashamed to admit that I have also spread gossip. Speaking from experience, the results are NEVER life giving or positive and I have learned that no matter which end of the chain you are on, you end up losing.  


On a practical note it can be extremely difficult to break the cycle of gossip, especially if you are surrounded by those who enjoy it as a "harmless past-time." Something that I have found extremely helpful is the following acronym: 


T - is it true?

H - is it helpful?

I - is it inspiring?

N - is it necessary?

K - is it kind?


Next time you are tempted to gossip THINK before you speak and over time you will become someone who refuses to engage in gossip thereby building up the lives of others rather than tearing them down. 

"Gossip dies when it hits a WISE person's ears." - Anonymous


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