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APRIL 29TH 2016



Duchesnay Falls. NORTH BAY, ON. CANADA.

I have to admit that I can be a bit of a perfectionist. 

This fact was highlighted for me when I babysat my niece this past week. I showed up at quarter-to-nine in the morning, second-day hair, no makeup, wearing an outfit that was definitely comfort over style; although it happens to be pretty cute nonetheless. Needless to say I was not blog-shoot ready. 

My sister got home from work earlier than expected and suggested that we shoot a blog post. I began by listing all of the reasons why I didn't want to do the shoot: my outfit wasn't planned, my hair was nasty...the whole bit. My sister's response was to braid my hair and bring out a pair of beautiful pumps... What can I say?! shoes are my weakness. We then rustled up a few other items from her closet and threw this look together.

We decided to shoot at Duchesnay Falls as the waterfalls are really gushing with all of the melting ice and snow at this time of year. If you live in the North Bay area you should really check it out! It's beautiful...


Anyways back to the point of my story... We were finishing up the last few shots, which usually consist of accessory closeups, when my sister stopped clicking, looked at me funny and said "You realize you are wearing two different earrings right?"

I reached up and felt each earring and sure enough I had a vintage tear-shaped earring hanging from my left ear and a gold hoop dangling from my right! We both began laughing hysterically. 


Life is so much more interesting (and hilarious) when it's not perfect. While there is nothing wrong with liking things to be "just so," we shouldn't let our tendency for wanting things to be perfect rule our lives. This doesn't just apply to small situations like my little story, it can apply to much larger, more serious issues such as our body image, life goals, career choices, and even our character. Society puts constant pressure on women to have the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect job, perfect family, perfect life....say NO to the pressure to be perfect and it'll be so much easier for you to enjoy your life! 

"You were born to be REAL not to be PERFECT." - Unknown


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