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 Powassan, ON. CANADA.

This is going to sound really random but have you ever observed what happens when a duck resurfaces after bobbing under the water? When the duck emerges the water that was on it immediately separates, forms into pools and droplets of water, and rolls off of the duck so that it appears as though the water never touched it! In case you haven't witnessed this phenomenon check out this hilarious video (particularly 0:31 seconds in): 

I know it can sometimes be extremely difficult not to take certain words or deeds personally, but when stuff comes up or people get out of hand, let these ducks serve as your inspiration and allow the preverbial water roll right off of you. After all, you can't control how other people act but you can control how much you allow them to affect you. I have found in my own experiences that life feels so much lighter and less complicated when you care less and by degrees learn to take things less and less personally. When you are secure and confident in who you are it won't even matter what people say or do and there is so much FREEDOM in that! But like everything worth doing it takes hard work and practice to get there. A little tidbit to help you get started; just remember the saying "Like water off a duck's back!"

"There is a huge amount of FREEDOM that comes when you take nothing personally." - Don Miguel Ruiz


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