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JULY 15TH 2016




As promised here is the second photoshoot from my recent road trip with The Cultivated Lens.


How gorgeous is this field of canola flowers?!


Driving through Verner, Ontario my sister and I came across several canola crops like this one and believe me when I say that the sight is even more stunning in person. It was the ideal backdrop for a Beauty Spot post - too beautiful to pass up - so we picked our favourite of the bunch and asked the landowner for permission to take some photographs. He was super cheerful and obliging and said of course we could!


I hope you enjoy the results!

The Jumpsuit:

I have to say that it's probably my favourite article of clothing to wear. Last week I talked a little bit about "lazy dressing" and the trend continues here. There is nothing easier to 'put together' than a jumpsuit - no need to mix and match tops and bottoms here. All you need are the right accessories, which, as I've admitted before, is my favourite part of dressing.

When accessorizing an outfit, I like to style each item around a common theme; be it a colour, metal, or material. I find accessories really pull an outfit together and add interest to what might have otherwise been just a boring #OOTD. For this look my "theme" was brown leather and gold accents as seen in the gorgeous vintage handbag, playful hoop earrings, and fierce gladiator sandals that I'm wearing.


While this black jumpsuit was the perfect choice, in that it provided great contrast to the sea of yellow flowers, it's not one of the most exciting pieces. Case in point; well paired accessories can elevate any outfit.

Give it a try!

"There are always FLOWERS for those who want to see them."

- Henri Matisse


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