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Laurier Trails. NORTH BAY ON, CANADA.

This white ensemble sure is cutting it close to the wire if you keep to the saying "Don't wear white after labour day." That being said, I've never been one to follow such rules... 


Labour day is almost here, which means it's Septemeber (already!) and fall fashion is rapidly approaching. Summer is my favourite season with its beautiful sunny skies, warm temperatures, and of course summer fashion! So I really want to get a few more summer-appropriate outfits posted before the cooler fall temperatures hit!

Until then, let's focus on this striking white 'summer suit' from Suzy Shier. What I love about this look is its simplicity. Oftentimes I find that it's the simplest outfits that have the most visual impact. This particular pairing is a great example of how less is more, as basic black and white pieces pack a greater visual punch because of their polar opposite properties. It's hard to go wrong when you keep it simple, and it doesn't get any simpler than pairing black and white - basic but definitely not boring.

While I've often mentioned that neutral dressing is easy dressing, another fashion tidbit that I like to utilize is the importance of investing in a few great accessories. Certain pieces can elevate an outfit and take it from mundane to fashion forward. For instance, you've probably noticed that I wear my Michael Kors gold watch a lot in my posts. Honestly I have to stop myself from wearing it for every post because it's gorgeous and really does add an extra polish to most looks that I style. Blog outfits aside, I wear it pretty much every day so I highly recommend investing in a great watch; not only does it look fantastic, it's also practical and very useful. 

Another staple in my closet is my Givenchy-inspired handbag from Fashion Drug (linked below). I've hardly switched handbags once since I purchased it in May! The sleek sophisticated design is gorgeous, modern, and literally goes with everything. I am seriously considering buying another one in a different colour... Needless to say, I am totally obsessed with it and like my watch, I've had to exercise restraint to keep it out of every fashion post!

"SIMPLICITY is the keynote of all true ELEGANCE."

- Coco Chanel

In closing if you want to bring your style to the next level here is my reiterated fashion advice of the day:

Infuse your closet with neutrals

Keep it simple 

Invest in a few quality pieces that are sure to complement every outfit! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! There are a few more summer outfits that I've already shot as well as a couple in the works for the scorching "summer" days that we still have left in the forecast. After that it's forward into fall fashion! I already have quite a few looks in mind so #staytuned 


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