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Powassan, ON. CANADA.

Today I'm talking all about opportunities and one of the wonderful opportunities that I had this past week was shooting with my sister, who recently started up a photography business called The Cultivated Lens. If you're looking for a photographer in the Kitchener/Waterloo and soon to be North Bay area, check her out. 


We have all heard those Cinderella stories about people who have "once in a lifetime" opportunities seemingly handed to them. Ironically enough, more often than not these people aren't even looking for it while others would kill for the same opportunity. For instance the young girl who is discovered in a shopping mall and goes on to become a world-famous model... stories like these are exciting and inspiring however they shouldn't necessarily be a model for our success. If there is something out there that we really want we shouldn't sit around and expect amazing opportunities to just fall into our lap because, for the majority of people, this is not the case. Obviously it does happen and some are just in the right place at the right time, but usually the most successful people are those who persevere and work tirelessly for it. Perhaps you live in an area where your passion or specific field of expertise is neither recognized nor appreciated, or maybe you don't fit the ideal standard of what is expected in your line of work. Regardless of what you are pursuing there will always be obstacles. 


No matter what the case may be, your success is entirely in your hands. If opportunity isn't knocking - for whatever reason - build a door! In other words TAKE ACTION; don't expect a fairy godmother to appear and do all of the heavy lifting. 


To build a door you need to:

Look for opportunities.

Situate yourself in a position where you are accessible to the right people.


Don't be afraid of failure.

And most importantly never give up on your dreams no matter how many people try to discourage you.


I have linked a video (below) that I find extremely inspiring about a woman who persevered despite enormous odds and went on to fulfill her dream despite everyone telling her that it was unattainable. Her name is Misty Copeland. I hope you find her story as inspiring as I do!

"If OPPORTUNITY doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle


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