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MARCH 16TH 2016




Versace Bright Crystal is such a lovely scent! If you're looking for a fragrance that is floral but not overpowering than this one is for you. It is also extremely versatile so it can be worn casually on a daily basis or used to add an extra bit of glamour to any special occasion. 


It's kind of sad but the look of a fragnance is just as important to me as the scent itself and this bottle doesn't disappoint! The cut crystal, luminous transparency, and lovely shade of pink that the perfume is tinted with gives off some serious Old Hollywood vibes and you simply can't go wrong there. 


Apparently scent is one of the strongest senses linked to memory. I have several fragnances that I like to wear and everytime I spritz myself I find memories of past times that I've worn them always come flooding in. In my opinion smelling good is just as important as looking good and it really can add an extra boost of confidence to any outfit. Who says scent can't be an accessory?


Versace Bright Crystal 90ml : Hudson's Bay $116
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