APRIL 6TH 2016



I've been wanting to try contouring for quite some time now so the other day I picked up this contour and highlight stick at Shopper's Drug Mart to see whether or not it is something that I might add to my makeup routine. This stick is perfect for those who aren't sure whether or not contouring is for them as it's extremely easy to use! Not only that, with a price point of $20 you won't feel as bad giving it a try as opposed to going out and investing in a full face contour palette when you're not even sure you will end up liking the results. *I've linked the item below if you want to give this product a try. 


Needless to say I loved the results and I think I just might have to invest in a full face palette!

While I doubt I'll add it to my everyday routine, the effects of contouring are a great way to add glamour to any special occasion or event. It helps elevate and enhance the sharpness of your features and I particularly LOVE the effect that good highlighting brings. 


For this look I also used a NYX eye shadow palette to further the effect of the highlighting, rather than purchasing a full face highlighter palette. (There are also some gorgeous highlighting palettes out there which I'm definitely going to be purchasing!) For those who find contouring a bit tricky, highlighting on its own also looks fantastic and it's a step I've recently added to my daily makeup routine to achieve that gorgeous, dewy glow.  I am by no means a makeup artist but I am really pleased with the outcome and I would definitely recommend this product to first-timers!


To see how my first contour/highlight attempt turned out see the photos below!

My first highlight/contour attempt using NYX Wonder Stick and NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow Palette in "Girl Talk."



NYX WonderStick: Amazon $20
NYX Prismatic Shadow (PS04 Girl Talk): Amazon $10


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