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Don't be afraid to be UNIQUE. Always BE YOURSELF.


This is essentially what Beauty Spot is about; embracing the little things that make us undeniably different from anyone else. In keeping with this sentiment I chose to name my blog after something that makes me unique: my beauty spots. 


The secondary meaning behind Beauty Spot lies in the beautiful natural settings that all of my posts are photographed in. I like to call them "beauty spots." While my fashion posts are set exclusively in nature, my outfits feature a blend of new and vintage finds consisting of designer names as well as labels that no one has ever heard of! If you are like me and you live in a small town finding unique pieces that no one else has can be a challenge, especially if you limit yourself to shopping solely at the local mall. I never limit myself when it comes to the places I shop or the brands I buy. I can honestly say that my favourite outfits are vintage gems that I have dug out of the most unlikely of places - not to mention the pricetags on thrifted items are way easier on the wallet! Some people think that to be fashionable you have to wear designer brands that cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per item...

I want to show people that FASHION IS AFFORDABLE.


While a fashion blog is usually centered on how to look good on the outside, Beauty Spot also focuses on how to look and feel beautiful on the inside. I created this blog to encourage and empower women to be the best that they can be inside and out. In today’s image driven culture, social media often leaves us feeling dissatisfied with our own lives. If we look deeper the problem doesn't lie in the images of beautiful people and their beautiful lives, but rather how we react when we see them: we make comparisons. 


I love fashion because it excites and inspires me. From the time I reached the age where I was able to buy clothing for myself I really enjoyed creating and wearing outfits. A style diary was a very appealing and logical idea for me given my interests. In life I am very confident about my sense of style. My motto is “If I like it, I wear it.” Even so, when I decided to start my own fashion blog, I too fell into the trap of comparison. I began to compare -  not only my sense of style - but everything else about my life with the mega stars of the fashion blogging world. This tendency to compare is so unhealthy and I think if we are completely honest with ourselves as women we do this every day. We compare our clothes, looks, careers, paychecks, marital status, family - basically every single aspect of our lives! We need to stop comparing our own life with the lives those who we think are perfect. Whether public figure or regular citizen, everyone on social media chooses to post their "highlight reel" - myself included. No one chooses to post the negative aspects of their lives so why do we hold ourselves to a standard of perfection that doesn't really exist? 


On Beauty Spot the focus is on making the most of what you have whether it be your appearance, personality, income, or surroundings. I have created this blog working with what I have: endless natural backdrops, vintage finds, and a uniquely spotted face. I am proud to be one of a kind; I'm not trying to act, look, or dress like anyone else. I am a real, everyday woman with a life that most can relate too. I'm trying to sell a reality, the reality that you can find contentment and self worth by looking inward.


Stop comparing yourself with others. 

Identify what makes you unique. 

Work with what you have. 

Choose to be Happy.


I hope that my resourceful sense of style and personal insights inspire you to live out your own unique, beautiful, and happy life. xo













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